Presentations to the Water Advisory Council and Watershed Partnership

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River Friendly Living, Nancy Steele and Isaac Dudley,Friends of the Verde River, 4/29/2022

City of Flagstaff Flood Gauge Network Overview, Ed Schenk,City of Flagstaff, 3/25/2022

TAC Presentation, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Funding Opportunities, Deborah Tosline,Reclamation, 2/24/2022

TAC Presentation, WaterSMART Environmental Water Resources Projects Funding Opportunities, Deborah Tosline,Reclamation, 2/24/2022

WIFA Infrastructure Funding Opportunities, Daniel Dialessi, Lindsay Jones, 1/28/2022

Clean Water Act, 2021 WOTUS Changes, Tom Klimas, 10/29/2021

Bibliography, Grand Canyon Region, Occurrance of Uranium Ore, Don Bills, 10/29/2021

Status of USGS Streamflow Gages, Kurt Schonauer, 8/27/2021

Investigating Aquifer Recharge Using Reclaimed Water, Erin Young, 5/28/2021

C - Aquifer Monitoring Program, Casey Jones, 5/28/2021

WRESA and how to use it as a tool, Ron Doba, 5/28/2021

Water Related Ecosystems Services Assessment Phase 2, Jocelyn Gibbon, 5/28/2021

Water Related Ecosystems Services Assessment Phase 1, Kira Russo, 5/28/2021

C and R Aquifer Rulemaking Process, Karen Modesto, 5/28/2021

CARAMP Aquifer Modeling Project, Nathan Miller, 5/28/2021

Pinyon Plain Mine, Energy Fuels Resources, 3/26/2021

Saved Chat from Energy Fuels Resources Presentation, 3/26/2021

AZ Water Blueprint, Sara Porter, Susan Craig, 2/26/2021

Protect Our Waters Fracking Presentation, Dr. Kevin Gibson, 1/29/2021

Canyo Mine Individual Aquifer Protection Permit, Trevor Baggiore, 10/30/2020

Procedures for Creating a Subsequent AMA and Regulations within a Subsequent AMA, Ken Slowinski, 09/25/2020

Water Related Ecosystem Services Assessment Phase 2, Final Report, Jocelyn Gibbon, 08/28/2020

Geology, Fracking and Helium Extraction, Frank Thorwald and Dale Nations, Arizona Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, Tony Hines, Naveen Savarirayan and Jerry Smit (ADEQ), 06/26/2020

CPWP WRESA Methods and Metrics, Jocelyn Gibbon, 05/29/2020

CPWP WRESA Study Area, Jocelyn Gibbon, 02/28/2020

2020 Verde Watershed Report Card, Kim Schonek and Max Wilson, 02/28/2020

What the Frac?, Kristine Uhlman, 01/31/2020

GAC Presentation 2019/2020, Brad Hill, 12/06/2019

TAC Presentation for 2019/2020, Ron Doba, 12/06/2019

Canyon Mine: Risking the Groundwater in the Grand Canyon Region, Amber Reimondo and Alicyn Gitlin, 10/25/2019

Hydrological Seasonality of the C Aquifer on the Kaibab Plateau, Alexander Wood, 10/25/2019

Finding Optimum Solutions for On-Site Management of Reclaimed Water, Roxanne Holland, 10/25/2019

C-Aquifer Monitoring Program, Casey Jones, 8/30/2019

Conserve 2 Enhance, Ashley Hullinger and Erin Young, 6/28/2019

Assessment of Environmental Flows in the Middle Verde River, Nick Paretti and Bruce Gungle, 3/29/2019

Water Related Ecosystems Services Assessment Phase 1, Sharon Masek Lopez, 12/7/2018

Water Related Ecosystems Services Assessment Phase 1, Kira Russo, 12/7/2018

Technical Advisory Committee Annual Report, Ron Doba, 12/7/2018

Public Outreach Committee Annual Report, Amanda Acheson, 12/7/2018

Government Affairs Committee Annual Report, Brad Hill, 12/7/2018

ADEQ Community Liaison and Resources, Morgan O'Connor, 10/26/2018

Sinclair Wash Joint Groundwater Recharge/Riparian Habitat Project, Erin Young and Paul Beier, 10/26/2018

Big Chino Pumped Storage Project, Brian Studenka, 10/26/2018

Beneficial Reuse Subcommttee, Joelle Wirth, 8/31/2018

Zero Mass Water, Vinayak Gupta, 7/27/2018

Advanced Water Reclamation Feasibility Study, Steve Camp, 6/29/2018

The Price of Uncertainty, Sarah Porter, 5/25/2018

Update on Water Related Ecosystem Services Assessment, Kira Russo, 5/25/2018

ADWR's Management of Private Water Wells, Jennifer Heim, Well Owner's Meeting, 5/16/2018

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Sybil Smith, Well Owner's Meeting, 5/16/2018

Floodplain Delineation, Andrew Shroads, Well Owner's Meeting, 5/16/2018

The County's Role in Environmental Permitting, Joelle Wirth, Well Owner's Meeting, 5/16/2018

Local Perched Water Bearing Zones, What Are They?, Don Bills, Well Owner's Meeting, 5/16/2018

Ft. Valley Hydrogeology, Dr. Abe Springer, Well Owner's Meeting, 5/16/2018

Clean Water Act Section 404 Wetlands, Tom Klimas, Well Owner's Meeting, 5/16/2018

Arizona Agriculture: Worth the Water, Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau, 4/27/2018

Arizona Cloud Seeding Efforts, James Walter, SRP, 3/30/2018

Authority for Counties to Require Water Adequacy Outside AMAs for Subdivision Approval, Ron Doba, 1/26/2018

2019 Water Art Exhibition, John Tannous, 12/8/2017

POC Report for 2017, Amanda Acheson, 12/8/2017

CPTAC Report for 2017, Ron Doba, 12/8/2017

Water Adequacy and Understanding Physical Availability, Brad Hill, 10/27/2017

The Management of Hydro-Diplomacy, Kira Russo, 10/27/2017

Friends of the Verde River Greenway - A Vision for the Future, Jocelyn Gibbon and Anna Schrenk, 10/27/2017

Water Adequacy - TAC Meeting, Brad Hill, 9/28/2017

Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project, Robert Kirk, 7/28/2017

GCNP Trans-Canyon Water Distribution Pipeline Environmental Assessment, Jan Balsom, 7/28/2017

Red Gap Ranch Project Update, Brad Hill, Doug Smith and Jeff Miner, 6/30/2017

Art Exhibition: Water, John Tannous, 5/26/2017

Colorado River Days, Alicyn Gitlin, 4/28/2017

Scope of Work for Ecosystems Services Assessment, Tom Klimas, 4/28/2017

Sustainable Water Management Framework Survey of July 2016 - Refresher, Ron Doba, 4/28/2017

History of the CPWAC and CPWP, Ron Doba, 4/28/2017

Arizona Water Protection Fund, Stefanie Smallhouse, 3/31/2017

North Central Arizona Water Supply Feasibility Study Interim Report, Deborah Tosline, 2/24/2017

C.C. Cragin Water Rights/Supply Issues in Northern Gila County, Greg Kornrumph, 1/27/2017

Public Outreach Committee Update, Amanda Acheson, 12/16/2016

Report to Flagstaff Water Commission, Erin Young, 12/16/2016

GWAC Update, Ron Doba, 12/16/2016

ADWR Overview, Karen Modesto, 11/4/2016

Kyl Center for Water Policy Update, Sarah Porter, 8/26/2016

Samples of Sustainable Water Management Plans, Deborah Tosline and Ron Doba, 7/29/2016

Overview of Sustainable Water Management Plan Efforts, Deborah Tosline and Ron Doba, 7/29/2016

Update on 4FRI Project, Scott Russell, 6/24/2016

Global Water Policy Activities, Kira Russo, 6/24/2016

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Update, Brenda Smith, 5/27/2016

GWAC Update, Ron Doba, 5/27/2016

VRBP Water Resources Primer, Ed Wolfe & Brent Bitz, 5/27/2016

Hopi Wetland Program, James Duffield, 4/29/2016

Havasupai Wildlife Conservation Project, Shelton Manakaja, 4/29/2016

Hydrogeology of the Verde Valley, Marvin Glotfelty, 3/25/2016

Regional Water Levels, Erin Young, 2/26/2016

Northern Arizona Hydrogeology, Don Bills, 2/26/2016

ADEQ Water Quality Improvement Grant Program, Jake Breedlove, 2/26/2016

Report on Public Outreach Committee Activities for 2015, Amanda Acheson, 12/11/2015

Red Gap Ranch - Leupp Groundwater Flow Model, Bill Greenslade and Nathan Miller, 12/11/2015

Cultural and Biological Resources Investigations for Red Gap Ranch Environmental Assessment, Tom Klimas, 12/11/2015

City of Chandler Water Allocation Policy, Doug Toy, 8/28/2015

The Little Colorado RC&D, David Newlin, 8/28/2015

What's New at Arizona's State Parks, Bob Sejkora, 7/31/2015

Desert Landscape Conservation Cooperative, Genevieve Johnson, 7/31/2015

Water Source Menu Maps, Deborah Tosline, 7/31/2015

Preparing for the Future, Near-Term Shortage and Long-Term Challenges, Dennis Rule, 6/26/2015

ADWR Water Conservation Best Management Practices, Einav Henenson and Ruth Greenhouse, 5/29/2015

Springs Ecosystem Ecology and Stewardship, Dr. Larry Stevens, 5/29/2015

RETREAT: Sustainable Water Management Plan and the Plateau Scenario Report, Don Bills, 4/24/2015

RETREAT: Looking at the Future: Water Resources Planning and Coconino County, Hannah Griscom, 4/24/2015

RETREAT: North Central Arizona Water Supply Feasibility Study, Deborah Tosline, 4/24/2015

A Water Vision for Flagstaff, Flagstaff Water Group, 2/27/2015

Presentation to TAC, Upcoming and Ongoing Hydrology Work in the Grand Canyon, Ben Tobin, 2/26/2015

Water Rights of the Havasu 'Baaja, Thomas Siyuja Sr., Shelton Manakaja, Travis Hamidreek, Margaret Vick, 1/30/2015

CPTAC GW Withdrawal Scenarios, Don Pool, 1/29/2015

Presentation to TAC by Hydration Technology Innovations, 1/29/2015

Presentation to TAC by Gate 5 Energy Partners, Inc., 1/29/2015

Presentation to TAC by Advanced Analytical, George Kladnick 1/29/2015

Flagstaff Area National Monuments, Kayci Cook Collins 12/12/2014

Slide Fire Burned Area Emergency Response, Rory Steinke 10/31/2014

Payson's C.C. Cragin Project Video, Buzz Walker 10/31/2014

Campaign to Restore and Protect the Greater Grand Canyon Ecoregion, Alicyn Gitlyn 9/26/2014

Water Supplies for Diversion from Lake Powell, Gerry Walker 9/26/2014

Presentation to TAC, Flagstaff's Virtual Water Trade Network, Richard Rushforth 9/24/2014

The Sedona Effluent Management Plan, Charles Mosley 7/25/2014

Coconino County Sustainable Building Program, Amanda Acheson 7/25/2014

North Central Arizona Water Supply Feasibility Study FY2015 Tasks and Cost Estimate, Deborah Tosline 6/27/2014

Coconino County Road Maintenance Funding Issue, Lucinda Andreani 6/27/2014

City of Flagstaff Water Policies, Brad Hill 5/30/2014

Arizona Game and Fish, Chuck Benedict 4/25/2014

Arizona's Next Century: Strategic Vision for Water Supply Sustainability, Gerry Walker 2/28/2014

North Central Arizona Water Supply Feasibility Study Tasks and Cost Estimates for FY 2014 and FY 2015, Deborah Tosline 2/28/2014

Southern Nevada Water Authority Youth Advisory Council, A.J. Crame 1/31/2014

CPWAC/CPWP Youth Council Development, John Davison 1/31/2014

Hydrogeology and Water Resources of the Hopi Reservation, Arizona 12/11/2013

Summary of POC Accomplishments for 2013 12/11/2013

Summary of TAC Accomplishments for 2013 12/11/2013

Welcome to the Coconino NRCD 10/25/2013

Monsoon Flooding 2013: City of Flagstaff 09/27/2013

ADEQ Member Corner Presentation 07/26/2013

NCAWS Feasibility Study Update 07/26/2013

Willow Bend Environmental Education Center 07/26/2013

City of Flagstaff - Designation of Adequate Water Supply 05/31/2013

Central Arizona Project - A Brief History 04/26/2013

Colorado River Basin Water Supply and Demand Study 04/26/2013

The Water Resources Development Commission 04/26/2013

CPWAC Government Affairs Committee 04/26/2013

CPWAC Public Outreach Committee 04/26/2013

CPWAC Technical Advisory Committee 04/26/2013

CPWAC Overall Accomplishments and Major Issues 04/26/2013

Watershed Group Funding Models 04/26/2013

South Grand Canyon Sanitary District 03/29/2013

Sustainable Water Management Subcommittee Update 03/29/2013

Lake Mary/Walnut Creek Stipulation between NPS, USFS and the City of Flagstaff 02/22/2013

Update on NCAWSFS 02/22/2013

Macro-Rainwater Harvesting Evaporation Interception 01/25/2013

Muti-Species Conservation Program 10/26/2012

Forest Health and Water Supply Protection Project 10/26/2012

Water Resources Development Commission 9/28/2012

Calculating and Considering Environmental Water Demand on the Coconino Plateau 9/28/2012

Conserve to Enhance: Linking Conservation to the Environment 4/27/2012

Coconino Plateau At-Risk Waters Project

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